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About Us

Global Indian News Network is a brave attempt at positive journalism in the midst of the media’s waning importance, which is preoccupied in negativity and system-bashing. We are one of the few web sites and e-newsletter providing companies focusing only on inspiring news about India and Global Indians.

We update our website every day with good news about India, the Indian economy and Global Indians. Our news highlights India’s accomplishments in a variety of areas, including infrastructure, global trade, economic cooperation, and technology. The website and e-newsletter give you details on the expanding industries in India, as well as encouraging news and information that is sweeping the nation and the world.

With new age policies, new socio economic objectives, and new agendas, India has started along the path of all-around growth over the last ten years. In order to create a new nation, the India of the twenty-first century has given rise to a new type of politics and a new agenda for administration.

The second part of our coverage is Global Indians, specifically Indians living in the US. Indian- Americans form a significant part of the country’s diverse population. They have made notable contributions to various fields, including technology, business, academia, and the arts. It’s important to note that the Indian diaspora is diverse, with individuals representing different regions, languages, religions, and socioeconomic backgrounds.. We also cover Indian community Organizations. Indian Americans have formed numerous community organizations across the United States to support and promote their cultural, social, and professional interests. These organizations provide a platform for networking, cultural exchange, and community engagement.